Forklift Rental Checklist


As a forklift renter, you will need to gather some key information, so it is ready to share with the forklift rental company, like ours. Here’s a checklist:


Load Capacity
What is the weight of the product you are lifting? Weight capacity is a necessary requirement when renting a forklift. You don’t want to pay for a rental only to find that it cannot do the job

Product Length
What is the length of the product you are lifting? This will help determine the capacity of the forklift you need to rent.

Lifting Height
Just as the weight and length of the loads are important measurements, understanding the height a load will be lifted is extremely important to understand. This metric needs to be as accurate as possible. The forks of the truck will need to be raised to the height reaching for. The forklift must also have the ability to lift the weight to that height. A forklift that cannot tolerate the amount of weight to the proper height is not only a waste of time and money but very dangerous.

Product Packaging
You will need to know how your product is packaged. Is it on pallets or sitting on the floor? Is it secured, such as with shrink wrap, or is it strapped? Knowing this will determine if you might need a special fork attachment.

Operating Environment
You will need to know if the forklift will be operated inside or outside. The environment makes a difference in determining the type of tires the forklift will need.

Turning Radius And Aisle width
You will also need to know what the required turning radius is, and also, the minimum aisle width the lift truck will be working in. This will determine the kind of forklift needed to be able to maneuver through the space in which the truck is working.

Rental Duration
Will you need the forklift rental for a day, week, month, or more? Understanding this will help you with getting the best rental price for your budget.