We Can Buy & Sell Used Forklifts

Take advantage of our competitive short and long-term rental rates


At GENEX we can develop a rental plan for your specific need! Speak to our representatives about finding the right lift truck and rental plan for your application.


At GENEX Forklifts we offer a range of short-term and long-term hire options that can help you to successfully manage your operating costs whilst benefiting from the latest in forklift designs. From as a little as 1 day to as long as 5 years; you can hire forklifts for as long as you need.


No maintenance costs. No unexpected repair bills.


You can instantly eliminate these expenses, and instead free up your capital to successfully expand, strengthen and build your business.


No longer do you have to sacrifice on the standard or quality of your lifting equipment because of budget limitations. You can take advantage of our fleet exchange and upgrade programs, and ensure your staff has full access to the best equipment in the industry.


In turn, by choosing to rent forklifts in UAE through us, you can effectively manage your costs, predict your expenditures, adjust your fleet size to suit your needs, and optimize your operating costs to deal with any and all warehouse and distribution demands. More importantly you can benefit from the lasting support of experts who have traversed this industry for over 25 years.


All of our forklift hires, new or preowned, are manufactured to the highest of standards; and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

And the benefits to this system are endles.

Whilst with our short term forklift rentals, you can immediately react to situations, overcome equipment faults and manage high client demands. Whilst with our long term rentals you can experience all the benefits of use with none of the risks of ownership. 

Rental Services